When thinking of your next dining table why not consider a glass dining table. Glass Furniture has come a long what since its begin and the past few years has seen a real serge in ideas and designs hitting the market place.

So your on board with glass dining tables. some of the first things to consider is size and shape and size. Glass dining tables are great when is comes to creating the feeling of space and calm. A good why to work out how much space you need is o measure out the space on your floor – sometimes using masking table or bits of paper can really help visualize the space required. doing this will also beging to inform what type of shape table you need.

Shape: rectangular tables work well with Carver chairs or to maximise seating space you could use benches. Circular table promote social dining and also gives a soft aesthetic to the table.

Brands: there are quite a few key brands to choose from, most of them are italia, but there are a few uk companies who specialise in glass furniture who are doing great things as well, Namely Klarity Glass Furniture. From Italy there is Sovet italia who are great with colour and texture offering a range of furniture which extremely high quality but great value for money. another faourate is Miniforms which combine wood and metal with glass table tops to create stunning wood and glass dining tables